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"When I first met Maria I was in a deep, dark place mentally, physically and emotionally. I felt that I had hit rock bottom and life was of no value to me.


From the outset, Maria helped to alleviate my concerns and anxieties. She showed memuch needed kindness, compassion, understanding and empathy. As a result, I veryquickly felt confident that she could help me and I have come to trust her implicitly.Through her non-judgemental, firm but caring guidance, I have been able to open upto someone about my personal struggles and fears for the first time.It is always clear that Maria is conscientious and feels passionate about helping herclients. At the same time, she is able to operate a high level of professionalism.


Her vast knowledge and experience is evident at all times. She has guided me toreach my own conclusions on how best to deal with my experiences, rather thanmerely telling me what to do. Maria has helped me to develop confidence and self-esteem. For the first time, I genuinely feel that there is hope. Maria has supported meto begin to create a life for mysef that I only ever dreamt of, a life which has quality, peace and happiness.


Thank you Maria"

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